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Reliable & Secure PostgreSQL Backups

Avoid repetitive backup scripts and manual monitoring of your PostgreSQL backups. Backup Ninja offers the perfect automated PostgreSQL backup solution, allowing you to take logical and physical backups and restore them to any location with just a few clicks. Monitor and receive alerts on PostgreSQL scheduled backups through the dashboard and via email. With Backup Ninja, there is no need for the dedicated technical resource; Backup Ninja encrypts the backup locally and when being transferred to your preferred cloud storage.

Automated Backups

Simple backup automation tool for PostgreSQL

Proven Methodology

Logical & physical backups using trusted methods

Backup Monitoring

Advanced backup monitoring & alerts

Reliable Postgresql Backups

Backup Ninja allows you to take both logical or physical backups for Postgresql deployments via a simple web interface using pg_dumpall and pg_basebackup available in the PostgreSQL client group package as its backend.


Schedule PostgreSQL Backups without the Script

You don’t need to write scripts, manage the schedule, or monitor the backup process for different servers manually. Once you install a Backup Ninja agent on your server, you can schedule Postgresql backups locally or to the cloud provider of your choosing. You can also specify the backup frequency, retention period, and compression method all from the web interface. View the status of individual PostgreSQL node backups, pause or resume any scheduled backups at your convenience.

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