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Simple and Reliable Percona Server Backup Management Tool

With the Backup Ninja agent installed on your server, you don’t have to worry about writing commands or scripts to take backups nor do you need a manual procedure to schedule backups. Schedule your Percona backups in minutes with just a few clicks; locally or on the cloud storage of your choice. You can also restore, monitor, and manage the backups using a single web interface, without the need to have any advanced database skills.

Cost Saving

Cost-effective backup automation services for Percona

Local & Cloud Storage

Backup Percona server locally or in your cloud of choice

Backup Monitoring

Backup events monitoring with full visibility

Schedule Secured Percona Backup Locally or in the Cloud

Have Percona Server backup locally or on the cloud, all from the same interface. Backup Ninja allows you to select the closest storage region provided by the cloud provider for faster recovery, without any latency to minimize any downtime, all with end-to-end security.


Centralised Percona Backup Monitoring

The Backup Ninja dashboard allows you to monitor all your backup events at once. Receive backup event updates instantly through your email also and retrieve historical backup activity logs at your convenience using the same interface.

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