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Automated Naitive MySQL Backups

Backup Ninja offers you a fully automated backup for MySQL database with rich feature settings, compression methods, scheduling and task logs easily configured using a simple web interface. You don’t need to spend time writing environment-specific MySQL backup scripts; Backup Ninja let’s you take and manage both logical, physical backups, and restore them locally or on the cloud. Save time, cost, and dedicated resources on backup and recovery of your MySQL database, Backup Ninja gets it all done in a simple, secure, and efficient way.

Local & Cloud Storage

Backup MySQL locally or in your cloud of choice

Time Saving

Save time and avoid mistakes with scriptless backups

Advanced Security

Advanced data protection with end-to-end Security

Leverages Proven Methodologies

Backup Ninja agent uses the popular mysqldump and XtraBackup tool from Percona in the backend as its backup method. Mysqldump is excellent for heavily loaded servers and for backup consistency, you can also restore at any time to newer versions of MySQL versions.


Full Logical and Physical Backup MySQL Backups

Backup Ninja supports both logical and physical backup methodologies all from the same interface. Logical backups are essential for the point-in-time recovery containing logical data (like tables or stored procedures) which is exported from the MySQL database. Physical backups are backups of physical files such as data files, control files, and archived redo logs. With the combination of logical and physical backup, you can be guaranteed for a faster recovery in case of failures.

Reliable Recovery Using MySQL Backup

Backup Ninja allows you to restore your backups, either for testing or recovery, efficiently as part of the disaster recovery strategy. You just need to have superuser access to restore the encrypted backups and follow the guided steps on the screen to restore the backup in no time.


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