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Effortless Backup and Recovery for MongoDB

Backup Ninja lets you take MongoDB logical backups effortlessly using a web based automated backup tool. You get to schedule and manage your MongoDB backups all from within a single console, locally or on your preferred cloud storage provider with end-to-end security; eliminating the need for complicated backup scripts. With Backup Ninja you get a centralised view of all backup events through dashboards and notifications delivered right to your inbox, keeping you constantly updated about the health of your MongoDB backups.

Cost Saving

Cost-effective backup automation services for MongoDB

Advanced Security

Advanced data protection with end-to-end security

Backup Monitoring

Backup events monitoring with full visibility

Leverages Proven Backup Methodologies

Backup Ninja allows you to take logical MongoDB backups using the mongodump and mongorestore utility tools effortlessly with a point-and-click web interface. You can take full and partial backups (without manual scripts) making it easier to maintain and have error free backups stored on any location; either locally on the cloud.


Centralised Monitoring & Real Time Updates

Get a centralised view of your MongoDB backups, backup sizes, and backup stats on the dashboard without any complex settings. Backup Ninja keeps you notified on backup status, schedule, and agent events pushed to your email anytime a new operation is initiated.

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Apr 20, 2021 ·by Lukas Vileikis
Apr 6, 2021 ·by Onyancha Brian Henry