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Scriptless and Secured MariaDB Backup Management

MariaDB is an open-source database developed by the MySQL developers and is widely adopted by many large corporations, developers, and is gaining popularity among the leading cloud providers. With Backup Ninja, you can perform and schedule MariaDB backups using mariabackup, monitor you backups with notifications, and store them locally, in the cloud, or in a combination of locations in just minutes; without any manual scripts.

Automated Backups

Centralised & automated MariaDB backups

End to End Security

Advanced data protection with end-to-end security

Local & Cloud Storage

Store MariaDB Backups locally or in the cloud

Simple and Secure MariaDB Backup Management

You don’t need dedicated technical resources to write manual backup scripts and maintain them. Once you install the Backup Ninja agent on your server, you can configure settings including encryption, compression, and backup frequency to scheduleautomated MariaDB backups on your preferred location. Save time, cost, and resources on the backup and recovery of your MariaDB database. Backup Ninja gets it all done in a simple, secure, and efficient way.


Real Time Updates with Centralised Monitoring

Backup Ninja gives you a centralised view of backup events, including server status, on the dashboard. View the status of individual MariaDB node backups and pause or resume any scheduled backups at your convenience. You can also receive real time on your email about the status of your backups.

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Apr 20, 2021 ·by Lukas Vileikis
Apr 6, 2021 ·by Onyancha Brian Henry