Exfiltration of Business Data by a Former Employee

Exfiltration of Business Data by a Former Employee

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15 July 2021

If you’re a business owner, employees are probably one of the first things you think about whenever your business is concerned. Employees are the cornerstone of your business and they’re crucial to your business success - they must be looked after, compensated well, you must provide them good benefits for them to stay with your company for a long time. However, have you ever wondered what happens when your business data gets exfiltrated by a former employee of your business? This is what we’re taking a look into today.

What is Data Exfiltration?

In short, data exfiltration occurs when an unauthorized party transfers data from a computer or a server without obtaining authorization from necessary parties. It’s a form of data theft and it’s usually one of the primary reasons why you see headlines like “Data breach at company X: millions of records stolen”, “Company X is dealing with a data breach: customers worried” and so on and so forth.

Data exfiltration is dangerous because when data is transferred, it’s usually used for illicit activities that include selling data, using data to accomplish another data breach, stealing credit card information for personal gain etc.

Data exfiltration can be especially dangerous if done by a former employee because the employee will most likely have some insight into how your business is being operated, who works at your company, what data your servers hold and so on making the employee empowered to potentially cause even more harm than someone without such knowledge.

How can Backups Help Protect Against Data Exfiltration?

Backups can be an effective way to protect against data exfiltration and data theft and can act as one of your primary lines of defense - by backing up your data you can ensure that your data is safely stored and always available should any kind of disruption occur that would cause you to lose your data.

Backup Ninja can be your reliable backup partner in this regard - just log in to the service and you will be able to observe the status of your backups:


Head over to the Backups section on the left side and you will be able to see whether your backups are encrypted, compressed, uploaded to the cloud or not, what’s their status, when they were started, on what server do they reside, what’s their schedule too. Also, you’re able to restore or delete a certain backup if you desire:


Click on a schedule name and you will also be able to act on backups relevant to that schedule:

Backups by a Schedule

Click on Schedules to observe all of your backup schedules:

Backup Schedules

Backup schedules can be run, also viewed. To observe all of the actions relevant to your backup schedule, click on the More dropdown:

More Options

Backups can also be scheduled - here you can set a schedule name, select a server to perform the backup on, select your backup type, backup method, enable PITR if you want to and also back up a database per file:

Scheduling your backup

Next step is selecting where you want to store the backup - whether locally or in the cloud. Select your cloud provider if you want to store backups in the cloud:

Cloud Providers

Select your cloud credentials, retention policy type, how many days you want to store backups:

Backup Storage Location

Now, choose a name pattern, choose whether you want to use compression or encryption and proceed:

Backup Settings

Finally, schedule your backup:

Backup Scheduling

After your backups have been scheduled, you can sleep soundly knowing that even if an exfiltration of business data were to happen, your data is safe and can be restored from a backup.


Data exfiltration is a serious issue - especially when done by a former employee because the former employee will probably have some serious insight into how business is being run and so they can do even more damage than expected. Backups can protect your business against such problems - if you feel like your business might benefit from the features offered by Backup Ninja, be sure to give it a try today.