Backup Ninja vs. Backup Buddy

Backup Ninja vs. Backup Buddy

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Lukas Vileikis
15 June 2021

If you frequently find yourself using WordPress, you have probably heard about BackupBuddy. BackupBuddy is the original WordPress backup plugin that can let you backup, restore, and move your WordPress installations.

Backing up your data is very important in case of any disaster, user errors, or power failures. If you don’t have a backup of your data, your business could be in line for trouble.

What is BackupBuddy and What Can It Be Useful For?

BackupBuddy has three main features: backing up, restoring, and moving data. It is a WordPress plugin that aims to cover all four backup elements in one single plugin: it allows you to take backups of your WordPress websites, schedule them, store your backups off-site, and restore them too.

BackupBuddy can be used from within your WordPress dashboard (as already mentioned, it is a plugin) to backup your entire WordPress database with just a few clicks. BackupBuddy can back up not only your databases, but also pages, posts, widgets, comments, theme files, plugin files, theme & plugin settings, WordPress settings, WordPress database, WordPress core files, users, media library uploads, custom post types, categories, and tags and also images and video content. It is main issue, however, is that BackupBuddy can only be used on WordPress and not any other Content Management Systems. Here is where Backup Ninja by Severalnines can come in handy.

BackupBuddy vs. Backup Ninja

As mentioned, the main issue in BackupBuddy is that it can only be used to back up WordPress data and consequently, only the WordPress database which is most likely in a MySQL, MariaDB, or a Percona Server database technology. Backup Ninja, on the other hand, can back up data no matter what database technology you use: whether you use MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, Percona, or TimescaleDB, Backup Ninja can come to the rescue.

Backup Ninja has extensive features including backup scheduling, local & cloud storage, incremental backup, or partial database backups. Backup Ninja can even help you backup your files and directories!

Here is how the UI of Backup Ninja looks like when you first log in:

Backup Ninja UI

As you can see, you can complete a few steps outlined to get a free trial of Backup Ninja to try it out, but what we are interested in is what Backup Ninja can offer for your business.

With Backup Ninja you can back up or restore your backups, schedule them, or get notifications on how they are doing at a given point in time.

For example, click on the Activity Log on the left hand side and you shall see when your backups ran, when they were paused, etc. - BackupBuddy does not offer such a feature and instead notifies you only by email:

Activity LogBackup Status

As far as email notifications go with Backup Ninja, they can be modified - that cannot be done when using BackupBuddy:

Email Notification Settings

BackupBuddy also prides itself on downloadable zip files - Backup Ninja, on the other hand, can offer local or cloud backups using a single console - you can choose where you want to store your backups, choose a retention policy type, how many days you want to store backups for, and finally choose a cloud storage solution:

Storing Backups with Backup Ninja

It is worth mentioning that in this case, you can have multiple cloud storage solutions:

Cloud Storage

Backup Ninja allows you to choose multiple cloud storage providers from Amazon to Wasabi, so you will certainly find a cloud storage solution that fits your needs.

Another feature that BackupBuddy prides itself on is restoring WordPress. Your backups can also be restored by using Backup Ninja’s features:

Scheduling Backups with Backup Ninja

For example, the backup scheduling feature above can help you run, view, or restore the backup you choose as shown above - with a single click! Isn’t that convenient and fast?

Also keep in mind that Backup Ninja can help you restore any content management system whereas BackupBuddy only works on WordPress.


BackupBuddy is a well known tool in the WordPress world and the tool indeed has a bunch of very useful features to save you should any disaster strike, however, its use is limited to WordPress. Backup Ninja, on the other hand, can help you backup and restore data residing in any content management system meaning that when you use Backup Ninja you will have more options to choose from. Try Backup Ninja for yourself (it offers a 14-day free trial) and see what works best for you.