Backup Ninja for Senior Developers

Backup Ninja for Senior Developers

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12 August 2021

If you are a senior developer, you have a lot of things on your plate: you probably have to mentor junior-level developers, you have major software development-related tasks on your shoulders too: that’s all known by default. However, what’s also very important and not very frequently mentioned is the fact that senior developers usually have to deal with data backups in one way or another: either when systems fail or when taking backups of data for protective measures.

Why Backup?

If you are a senior-level developer, backing up data should probably come without question. You back up data because you understand the following concepts applicable to both junior and senior-level developers:

  • Backing up data can help a business stay afloat once something happens to its data, for example, it gets corrupted due to power outages, etc. and it needs to be restored.
  •  You understand that there are multiple types of backups and the differences and similarities between them: you know what full backups are, what differential backups are, you know how to deal with partial backups, etc.
  • You know how, when, and why to back up data in general.

As a senior developer, you already know how to back up data and that certainly does not need to be explained to you - however, what you might not necessarily have is time. That’s where backup tools can come in handy - backup tools, obviously, are aimed towards backing up your data

Tools to Backup Data

You’re a senior developer - you probably know both the names and functionality of the majority of the tools that can be used to back up your data. However, what if you have multiple database nodes or instances that run multiple types of database management systems? For example, one node might run PostgreSQL, the second node might run MongoDB, the third node might run MySQL or MariaDB, etc. - if you have a setup like that, Backup Ninja might be fantastic.

Backup Ninja To Solve Your Backup Issues

Backup Ninja is a simple, secure, and cost-effective Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) backup service that can be used to backup a lot of the world’s most popular open source databases. Backup Ninja supports MySQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, Percona Server and also TimescaleDB. Backup Ninja offers a nice UI, it can help you back up your data (obviously), schedule your backups, help you work on your backup servers too: as far as servers are concerned, agents can be restarted, upgraded or deleted as well.

Here’s how the user interface of Backup Ninja looks like:


In this case, even the UI could be useful because in the worst case scenario if you don’t even make use of some of the features offered, you could get a very good overview of your backup statistics. Backup Ninja will display how many servers have backups running, how many completed with errors, how many are inactive as well: you will also be able to see how many backups failed during a specific timeline (24 hours, 7 or 30 days as well), and how many upcoming backups you have.

As you can see, we have no upcoming backups for now - in this case, Backup Ninja can save senior developers time: just move into the Schedules section and schedule a backup - Backup Ninja will also let you observe all of the backups relevant to a specific schedule, run the backup at the current time, duplicate the schedule if you wish, of course, delete it, or duplicate it too:


What’s useful for Senior developers here is the ability to edit schedules. Take a look:

Editing Schedules

In this case, you have the details of your schedule that can be changed in just a couple of clicks. You can change your backup type if you or your colleagues so desire and even the backup server you want to perform the backup on. Since you’re a senior dev, it is possible that you’re tasked with maintenance of servers - Backup Ninja, as you can see, has you covered in this scenario too.

Backup Ninja allows you to do multiple other things too including defining the storage location for your backups:


Or setting up compression and encryption settings - you’re a senior dev, you know how to encrypt backups as it is, so if you’ve been looking for a tool that can automate these processes for you, you’ve come to the right place.

Compression & Encryption

Finally, you can schedule the backup and get back to work mentoring junior developers or performing other tasks:

Backup Settings

That’s it - you’re done. You will no longer have to worry about manually backing up data ever again. That’s it - this hassle has been eliminated. Easy, eh?

And if you want to restore your backups, simply head over to the Backups tab and click Restore: you’re done!


If you so desire, you can even store your backups in the cloud as well: running out of disk space? Not a problem. Not with Backup Ninja:


Head over to the Cloud credentials tab and you will see that you can add multiple types of cloud credentials ranging from AWS to Wasabi: Backblaze, CityCloud, Digital Ocean, Elastx, Exoscale and others are included in this mix as well! Isn’t that amazing? Think about how much time you can save with Backup Ninja!

If you’re a senior dev, Backup Ninja can also take some other work off your shoulders including allowing you to quit monitoring the user activity (Backup Ninja will do that for you) and stop worrying about whether the backups are completed successfully or not, scheduled or not, etc. - Backup Ninja will also alert you in this space as well. Give it a try today