Backup Ninja From A Design Perspective: An Option?

Backup Ninja From A Design Perspective: An Option?

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Lukas Vileikis
08 September 2021

When developers, technical directors or someone else are choosing tools that they will use to help assist with their every day tasks, they do not only look at the technical functionality of the tool in question. Oh, no: they look at all sides - they are interested in whether the tool will help them solve their problems, of course, but what they’re just as much interested in is the actual look and feel of the tool: in other words, the design of it. So, in this blog, we are looking at one of Severalnines’ tools - Backup Ninja - from a design perspective.

Bear a visit to Backup Ninja and you will see a bunch of animated ninjas with red masks occupy your screen real estate (wait, what?)


You are, of course, able to see how does Backup Ninja work first hand, but the animations doesn’t end here: scroll down a little and you will be able to see how Backup Ninja can be used to solve your business problems:


However, we have discussed what’s the use of Backup Ninja in that scenario: today we are looking at it from a design perspective, remember?

Launch Backup Ninja, log in to the service, and you will see a colourful observation of everything that’s happening inside of your database servers:


As you can see, Backup Ninja will provide (in color!) the amount of running servers, servers with errors, or servers that are inactive, it will also provide you with some (yes, rather colourful) backup statistics.Backups are also displayed using a very delightful design (I mean, take a look):


Did you see any other backup management solution that uses such a design? Probably not! Backup Ninja uses images to depict whether your backups are in the cloud, encrypted, or compressed, what’s the name of the backups you use, the red (or green) light next to the status of the servers depicts whether the backups are successful or failed. Click on one of the schedules and you will see a very nice design too:


Schedules in Backup Ninja can be edited utilizing a very neat design too! Take a look:

Backup Schedule

See? Backup Ninja even depicts the status (!) of your backup server you want to perform the backup on, so you always know your options.

Want to observe your servers? You are free to do that too (Backup Ninja uses a nice design in this case too, mind you!)


See how nice everything looks like? But in order to observe everything, you would have to take a shot at the functionalities of Backup Ninja yourself - do that and use the tool developed by database experts over at Severalnines. Your database instances will not regret a single second spent on the Backup Ninja platform!