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Backup Only the Data You Want

Backup Ninja lets you take partial backups for space efficiency and faster recovery. Partial backups resemble full backups but can exclude static data files (like the read-only files). With the Backup Ninja agent on your server, you get to select which databases, tables, or files you’d like to be included in the backup.

Scriptless Partial Database Backups

Creating and maintaining a manual backup script for partial backups is a tedious task. A technical resource is typically required to write and maintain scripts which include the specific databases, tables, and files to be included in the backups. With Backup Ninja, you just need to select databases and tables from a list, which is automatically populated from your server, and proceed to schedule partial backups effortlessly.


Easy Configuration and Monitoring

Backup Ninja’s interactive interface gives you options to save databases on separate files when taking partial backups using a simple toggle button. For easy monitoring, partial backups are distinguished with specific icons on the backups and schedule listing. This lets you easily identify which backups taken are full, incremental, or partial.

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