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Schedule Backups Locally or in the Cloud Using a Single Console

With Backup Ninja, you can store your backups both on-prem and in any S3 compliant object storage in the cloud. Backup Ninja has integrated with many of the leading cloud providers and many local providers providing you storage options for your budget and data recovery planning requirements.

Built for the Cloud

Backup Ninja is architectured to be cloud-ready; it works seamlessly with any S3 Object Storage without any extra customization.


Geographically Distributed Cloud Providers

Have your backups stored on multiple data centers for high availability and data redundancy, making it an ideal backup service to support disaster recovery planning.

Backup to Multiple Storage with End-to-End Security

Backup Ninja gives you the flexibility to store data locally and on the cloud. This means you can choose to backup hot data and cold data on different storages from a single gui. Not only does it save you storage costs, but you get maximum data protection; Backup Ninja has an advanced encryption algorithm built in to secure both in-transit and at-rest data.


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