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Automated Incremental Database Backups

Incremental backups let you only backup a portion of your databases, reducing system resource use and producing smaller backup files. Backup Ninja allows you to schedule automated backups with just a few clicks. With incremental backups, you can restore with recent data by following the simple on screen instructions.

Point-and-Click for Automated Incremental Backups

Backup Ninja uses the same interface to schedule full, partial, and incremental backups. Just click on ‘ incremental backups’ and follow three simple steps. There is no need for manual backup scripts, it’s all automated for you using native backup tools for the database technology.


Increase System Performance and Reduce Storage Costs

With Backup Ninja incremental backups you can reduce the load on your server resources, increasing performance for your customers. The backups are also smaller in size, preventing the storage of redundant data.

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