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Encrypted, Reliable Files & Directories Backup

Backup Ninja lets you schedule backups for files and directories; all on the same interface as your database backups. Files and directories use the same security and compression standards as database backups; therefore, you get smaller backups and enhanced data protection for backups stored locally or in the cloud.

Fully Automated Files & Directories Backup

Schedule files and folders from the server either locally or in the cloud in just a few steps using the same interface used for database backups. Pick the file option from the list and follow the step-by-step wizard to set up the backup schedule; after that, your backups are taken automatically according to your preferred settings.


Store Files & Directories Backup Locally or on Cloud

With Backup Ninja, you can have a combination of storage to store your files and directories backups. You can choose to store files backup on any S3 object storage, across multiple clouds, or locally to meet your specific storage needs.

Files & Directories Backup Compression

Backup Ninja uses gzip compression by default to ensure that your backup files are as small in size as possible, saving you money on storage.


Advanced Data Protection

Backup Ninja uses advanced encryption standards to guard your files backup against security threats like ransomware.

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