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Schedule Backups for the Most Popular Open Source Databases

Backup Ninja allows you to schedule backups of files, directories, and databases using the same interface in just a few minutes. There is no need for manual backup scrips or dedicated resources, to take care of backup operations. Once scheduled you get automated backups for all your servers. With Backup Ninja, either enable a toggle or click a button to set compression methods, backup frequency, and encryption settings with no need for advanced technical skills.

Backup Schedule Configuration Wizard for Full and Partial Backups

Backup Ninja’s backup schedule configuration wizard guides you in simple steps to create an error-free backup schedule for full, partial, or incremental backups with advanced settings using a simple web interface; without any scripts.


Proven Backup Methodologies

Schedule backups for MySQL, PostgreSQL, Percona, MongoDB, MariaDB, TimescaleDB using popular backup tools without the need for long, lengthy, manual scripts. Backup Ninja populates the backup tools according to your server and all you need to do is select it and follow the next few steps to setup the backup schedule.

Schedule Backups Locally or on the Cloud

You can have backups scheduled locally or in your favourite cloud provider without any additional configurations. Backup Ninja allows you to select cloud providers integrated within the tool or have it on S3 compliant cloud storage of your choice.


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