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Real Time Database Backup Monitoring

You can monitor and view realtime updates of your database backups using the interactive Backup Ninja Dashboard. It provides a quick overview of various scheduled backup events and key statistics on backups and servers installed with Backup Ninja agents. The flexible and interactive dashboard can be customised to view the key information on backups for a selected timeline.

Interactive Database Backup Dashboard

Monitor to get insights on serverperformance and backup events using the customisable interactive dashboard. For each selected server, you can get updates on its status, and a count of successful and failed backups. This helps you take immediate corrective action on your scheduled backups if something goes wrong.


View Upcoming Backup Schedule

You won’t have to scroll or navigate different pages to know whether your running backups or have backups scheduled to be deleted. The Backup Ninja Dashboard provides quick access to the upcoming scheduled backups and which backups are due for deleting on different panes in the dashboard.

Insights on Key Metrics for Backup Management

The Backup Ninja dashboard presents three key metrics for backup management using different charts. The pie chart shows the number of servers installed with Backup Ninja agent and its status. You can visualise the backup size for all successfully created backups on all servers at any given time interval on a histogram. Backup duration chart also shows the time spent to complete a backup on all servers.


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