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The Bartender Agent Serves Up Your Backups

Install and configure the Backup Ninja agent on your server in just a few steps to simplify your backup management process. Backup Ninja connects to your server to schedule backups, restore, and monitor your backups stored locally and in the cloud. Save time, cost, and dedicated resources, have Backup Ninja automate your backup management.

Step 1: Pick Your Option - Databases & Files or Files Only Backup

Backup Ninja allows you to backup both databases and files or only files from your server. It also gives you the flexibility to add databases later if you decide to have only files backups at the start. If you have selected to backup your database, just click on the database technology listed on the screen.


Step 2: Configure User Profile for the Backup Agent

Create a database user for Backup Ninja agent to schedule and take and restore backups.

Step 3: Install Backup Ninja Agent

To install Backup Ninja Agent on your server, you just execute the generated command on your server. You don’t have to worry about long writing configuration commands, instead just copy and paste and have it all installed in minutes.


Final Step: Automatic Host Discovery

After a successful Backup Ninja Agent installation, your database servers will be listed automatically on the screen. That’s all it takes to have the backup agent installed, and you can begin managing your backups using the Backup Ninja gui.


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