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Stay Notified on all Backup Management Events

Receiving and tracking backup event transactions are essential to prevent having corrupt or invalid backups. Backup Ninja lets you track any transaction tied to the backup event using a log saved to a dedicated folder or on a web listing. You can configure it to receive notifications on any backup events, allowing you to stay updated on the success of your backups at all times.

Backup Events Alerts Delivered to Your Email

Backup Ninja has a dedicated page for notification options, allowing you to configure the backup events to be delivered to your email for what and when you want it. The notification page displays tasks grouped by either Backup, Scheduling, or Agent events; simply enable the toggle to receive notifications on each task as it happens.


Dedicated Folder and Listing for Activity Logs

All user activities (including user sign-ins, schedule creation, new cloud credentials, agent upgrades, backup file downloads, and backup restores) to a log file stored on your backup server. The user activity log listing shows the last 100 activities performed by a user for the event tagged along with the IP and time stamp. These logs and listings come in handy to trace errors, inconsistencies, or to help with getting support.

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