About Us

A Little About Us

Backup Ninja is the newest product from Severalnines. Our mission is to add value for our customers worldwide in their day to day data operations by making the best and most innovative management solutions for open source databases.


For nearly ten years Severalnines has provided automation and management software for database clusters. Our flagship product, ClusterControl, is an all-inclusive, open source database, automation system for users with mixed environments that removes the need for multiple management tools.

Severalnines Team


Severalnines was founded in 2011 by Johan Andersson and Vinay Joosery. Both founders worked as part of the original MySQL AB team before it was acquired by Sun Microsystems and later by Oracle. The Severalnines team is built of database and software experts from around the world. We believe in finding talent wherever it is and develop our solutions as a fully-remote team with no physical offices.


Severalnines Team


Often called an “anti-startup” Severalnines is bootstrap-funded and profitable, with no venture capital funding. We invest every dollar we make back into developing new and exciting database management systems. Backup Ninja is just the first in line of planned online database management solutions.